German minor

The minor in German requires 15 hours in courses numbered 3000 or above. There are 3 courses (9 hours) required of German minors:

  • GERM 3003: Advanced German I
  • GERM 4003: Advanced German II
  • GERM 4213: German Civilization

Students may select the other 2 courses (6 hours) from a wide variety of literature and special topics courses such as: Multicultural Germany, medieval German literature, literature of the Enlightenment, German-Jewish authors, literary responses to the Holocaust, literature after 1945, German film, and genre courses such as drama, poetry, or the novella (a genre that could be described as the X-Files of the 19th century).

The German program is also very flexible in allowing students to utilize credit from study abroad.  Students who go to the Holzkirchen program, for example, earn 9 credits in one summer, all of which are applicable to the minor and major.  Because studying abroad is an easy way to improve one’s language skills and earn credit quickly, many students with a German minor find that they can easily go on for a major, which is 24 hours or only 3 additional classes.